The Founders

Mr. & Mrs.Nsamba

Scovia Nsamba was born in 1950 in Rakai District, Uganda. She received primary education in Rakai and moved to Kitengesa at the age of 17 when she was married to Mr. Edward Nsamba. They have ten children, but the family continued to grow with the deaf students that they bring in to their home. Presently, they look after more than 70 children and the count keeps going up!

Scovia is well-trained in sign language and special education. Over the years, she has gained tremendous experience in caring for the disabled and is well-respected as a community leader. Apart from running the school, she is also the chairperson of the Association of Parents with Disabled Children for Masaka District and the vice-chairperson of the Masaka Diocess (church). She routinely conducts sign language training for the members at the police stations and the courts and acts as an interpreter or an advocate for the deaf. Finally, she sits on the sub-county board that legislates human rights laws.

To read about how she started the school, click here.

Watch the videos from when NTV Lifestories interviewed The Directors:

Part 1:

Part 2: 


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