Future Plans

Our school is currently serving a total of 94 primary students and 11 vocational students. We believe that every child deserves a good education and a loving upbringing regardless of their hearing impairment. We hope that students would be able to support themselves and their families with the knowledge and skills gained at our school. Therefore, we have a number of future priorities that we would like to target.

  1. Vocational Section Improvements: Vocational programs are essential in preparing our students to be self-sufficient and independent individuals who can contribute to their homes and communities. Our vocational programs aim to equip our students with tailoring, hairdressing, computer and building construction skills. We hope that the vocational programs will soon be self-sustainable, yet it still requires a good foundation of resources and skills. Hence, we deem the following items as our top priorities.
    1. Provide good materials to make marketable products
    2. Have at least 3 good vocational teachers
    3. Build a building specifically for the vocational programs (at the moment, it locates in a small room in the teachers’ dormitory)
  1. Have 7 Good Primary Teachers: Our school has been struggling with high teacher turnover rate due to the lack of funding to retain good teaching staffs. It is essential to our children’s learning outcomes to have good teachers with proper special needs education and excellent sign language skills.
  1. Seek Out Potential Sponsorships for Students’ Tuition: During our home visits, many parents expressed appreciation for the education provided by the school, but many also expressed worries and stress due to their inability to pay the tuition.
  1. Infrastructure Improvements: Currently, the boys and girls are sharing the same bathroom due to the lack of infrastructure. Therefore, we wish to build new and separate washrooms for our students.
  1. Special Projects for Families: We sincerely hope to provide more sign language resources and seminars for community and family members in order to reduce stigma at home and in the community.

Priority list updated date: September 5th, 2015


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