Welcome To The Good Samaritan School for the Deaf

We are a CBO that runs a boarding school for deaf children in the village of Kitengesa, in South-East Uganda.

The senior students finger spelling ‘Good Samaritan’

What was one to do with a deaf child? The local community considered being deaf as synonymous to being stupid. Born into another family, Madrine would have likely been abandoned, neglected or even killed, but Scovia took Madrine into her home as her granddaughter.

Soon Scovia found a deaf school in Kampala and grandmother and granddaughter both took classes. In this way Scovia learned to communicate with Madrine. For five years the two never missed a weekly class. Scovia became fluent in Uganda Sign Language and Madrine received a primary education in English and sign language.

Scovia and Edward started the Good Samaritan School to make sure other deaf children get the same opportunity to learn as Madrine did. They follow the formal Primary Educational syllabus and have classes from Nursery to Primary seven. All but one of their students are boarders and they try to make their lives as balanced as possible, equipping them with life skills.

They have drastically improved the lives of many deaf children but there is still a long way to go before the children can be integrated into society and we need a lot of support to get there.


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