David Kasozi

David could hear fine when he was little but gradually lost his hearing as he grew. Mrs.Nsamaba found him on one of her recruiting trips and brought him to Kitengesa to study. He developed an interest for brick-laying when he helped construct Good Samaritan’s buildings while he was in school.  David was 18 when he graduated from Good Samaritan and found it hard to find a steady job. He would work in kampala when he got a contract and would  move back and forth from his village to dig with his father and brothers when he couldn’t find work. He studied carpentry at the Masaka Vocational Rehabilitation Centre. His teachers didn’t know sign language but he picked up things by copying them. His other classmates would also try to help him. Carpentry came easily to him and he enjoyed making chairs and tables.

His father managed to get him a job in Masaka but he still couldn’t find a permanent job. He tried his hand at waitressing in Kampala for a short while but found it wasn’t enough to sustain him and was too tiring so he returned to Masaka. He now is part of a group of 3 deaf carpenters who move around depending on the work demand. He married a deaf girl from his village when he was 22 and they have two dashing boys together. His only hope for the future is that he can get a stable job that can give him a steady income to support himself and his family.



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