Ssekyanzi Sadam

Before he was ten, Sadam could speak and hear just fine. Like many others, he was attending a primary school near his house in Rakai district. He then fell very ill, but his father refused to help him seek medical treatment. When the situation did not improve after two weeks, his mother managed to bring him to a hospital with the help of a neighbour. Unfortunately, Sadam regained consciousness without his hearing. Life changed drastically after this event. His father decided that he should continue pursuing his education in the same primary school. But without his sense of hearing, Sadam’s academic performance plunged. He was pulled out of school and used as a manual worker at home. He had to fetch water, clean the house and the barn and toil in the farm all day. If he could not complete all that was instructed to him, his father would abuse him physically. He had no way of voicing his dissatisfaction, let alone communicating with anyone. A few neighbours informed his parents of Good Samaritan, but his father did not see the use of educating his deaf child. His mother insisted that he should be educated and brought him to Good Samaritan regardless. Without the support of his father, his mother could not afford to pay for his education and living expenses. Good Samaritan accepted him anyway. That was in the year 2003. Now, Sadam is the head prefect, leading the effort to care for the younger students in the school. He reaches high academic standards, with matching excellence in sports. He managed to bag a gold medal when he had represented the school in a track and field meet. He is very respectful and well-liked by his peers. He is skilled in farming and hairdressing, and aspires to be a construction painter. 


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