Namayanja Betty

Betty was born deaf on the 20th of May, 1990, in the village of Kyanamykaka, Masaka. When she was little, she was well looked-after by her mother. She attended a regular public school for many years. She struggled very hard to learn, but managed to discover unique methods of communication and developed close relationships with several of her peers. When she was 13 years old, her mother heard of Good Samaritan and brought her here. She was very ill and requested Mrs. Nsamba to secure Betty’s future. She even asked her to pick a suitor for Betty when the time is right. And so Betty became a part of the Nsamba family. The directors treated her like their own daughter. She lives in their house and shares a room with the directors’ grandchildren. Her recent past has involved a string of deaths of her loved ones; her father, mother, and brother had all passed away. Betty is now in Primary Six. She has a very caring personality and is always seeking to provide care and support to the younger students. 


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